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My Top Five 'Working' Crystals

Crystals can be a great tool and often we are drawn to different crystals at different times based on our need/intentions at the time. They hold their own frequency and radiate that energy in various ways depending on their structure and form. See the short version of my Top Five Working Crystals below!

  1. Quartz: There are many types of Quartz. What makes quartz undeniable is it's ability to amplify. Quartz crystals are excellent for scanning the body, and adding to crystal grids. Quartz is programmable to take on the properties of any stone which makes it versatile. Many crystals have quartz , such as Citrine, or Amethyst. Quartz is plentiful so it is often affordable and easy to find. You wouldn't want to use quartz if you were experiencing anxiety, for example, because of its amplification capability.

  2. Selenite: Selenite is a variety of gypsum. Selenite looks and feels like white light, only in form. Selenite also holds a high vibration and is great for clearing. Often it is used in ceremony, opening and closing sacred circles. It is gentle but powerful in shifting energy and aiding clarity. Be careful not to get it wet!

  3. Black Kyanite: There are several powerful forms of Kyanite, but Black Kyanite is special in that it holds no charge. Simply touching a stone with Black Kyanite will clear a stone. It's important in healing work as it sends healing energy to tears or holes in the chakras or aura. It has a fan shape naturally and 'sweeps' unwanted energies away.

  4. Shungite: Shungite is technically not a crystal but is a mineraloid. Amber is another example of a mineraloid. Shungite is composed of up to 99 percent carbon, and is generally found in Russia. It filters energy and has been said to provide healing properties. Many people utilize Shungite in their water, or place Shungite next to their phone charging devices to filter EMF. It is also antimicrobial/antibacterial.

  5. Black Tourmaline: Known for protection and cleansing. Often used in ritual and for grounding. Can be used in meditation to assist with changing negative thought patterns. Black Tourmaline may also be used when working with other people's energy, or in a work space. It's a great stone to use making a protection grid for your home.

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