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Heather Schepman

Heather is a registered radiologic technologist for over 20 years, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer Master, and has been performing energy work since 2013.  She has found joy in the exploration of her healing journey continually learning and refining her practice.   

During your healing session you will be supported in self-healing based on your healing intention in a variety of ways.  Heather utilizes Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, meditation, ritual, and sound in her healing practice.  Heather communicates with angels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, channeling, past lives and working with stones and crystals.  All sessions are confidential and based on your healing intention.  

My Journey

From Radiology
to Reiki

Growing up I always felt I had sharp instincts.  I could sense the mood in the room and in others.  I wouldn’t have called it a gift, but my intuition was natural, and something I leaned into.  As a young adult, I had an acquaintance who practiced Reiki and told me I was psychic.  I laughed it off and explained away my knowing into her situation.  I could see energy, but always explained those instances away as coincidence, I was tired or seeing things.  I went about my 20’s practicing gratitude and deciding how I wanted to function as an adult.  I started my education in Radiologic Technology which ironically is a modality that measures energy.  I continued my education and went about my life which was unremarkable and filled like any human with successes and mistakes.  I started seeing my soul reader/teacher once annually, and it always felt so validating as I realized, I knew the information, it was my information.  Learning to trust the gift(s) I was born with, to trust why I am here and what I desired was worthy, was paramount in my growth. 


 In 2013 I tragically lost my brother.  As I navigated that loss, I kept telling myself I had to find the gift in the situation.  I reconnected with my therapist to ensure I was processing this significant loss in a healthy way.  During an appointment they mentioned Reiki and it set a spark in me.  I asked for a referral to her practitioner.  The Reiki appointment was transformative and very healing.  I left signing up for Reiki I class that very day. 


Since that first Reiki class, I continued my Reiki studies and practice which naturally opened many other rabbit holes of study.  Crystal healing was a natural progression which is a modality that can be utilized for healing alone or in compliment with Reiki.  The more I learned about subtle energy, and myself, the more I realized I was living differently.  I continued my learning looking at life, emotions, and patterns as energy in several classes/advanced classes.  The journey from Radiography to Reiki has been rich with experience and learning changing nearly every aspect of my life, which isn’t always easy.  While I am always learning, living with a soul/body partnership has been in my experience the most important investment in myself.


Blessed with teachers, spirit guides, and a community that emphasizes structure and ethics, energy work has become a passion.  This sacred work has become how I live, and I commit to sharing its possibility.  Energy Healers work to heal themselves and can help others do the same to the benefit of humanity.    

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