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Basic Grounding Exercise

Do you have a spiritual practice? It took me about a year to really commit to a healthy structure. Grounding is an action tool, which is about slowing down. It connects us to the earth and anchors us in ourself. Grounding helps us know where our energy starts and stops. It is you with you.

Grounding has become such a powerful daily routine for me, when I look back I can't believe I hadn't for so long. The steps for basic grounding are below, followed by a guided basic grounding. You can add to it, whatever spiritual practices call to you. In the foundational energy course I offer, this basic exercise expands to include other components.

The Steps for Basic Grounding:

1. Breathing: With your back straight, feet on the floor to support energetic flow. Expand your breath and awareness, filling every cell of your body.

2. Connect with Feet: Minor chakra in each foot

3. Roots in the Earth: Sink your roots deep in the earth pulling up the energy you need right now. Trust they know what energy you need. Give gratitude to your feet for everything they do for you. Guide the energy up through first three body chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus)

4. Drop your cord: Imagine a cord coming off your spine that touches the earth, discharging excessive energy that isn't serving you.

5. 3 Questions:

1. What does my body need, right now?

2. What does my heart know and feel right now?

3. What does my soul want?

6. Open up to feeling your own unique vibration: Feel what it feels like to be you, body and soul

Grounding will bring in more soul energy which can lead to finding your truth, why you are here. Tune into your body! Try to avoid labeling any information as good or bad, just look at it as information. Learn in kindness as you connect body and soul! #grounding #energyhealing

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