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Heather Schepman
Energy Healing

Holding Space for Every Individual


Heather Schepman

Heather is a registered Radiologic Technologist for over 20 years, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, and has been performing energy work since 2013. She has found joy in the exploration of her healing journey continually learning and refining her practice.


Reiki works with the human energy field (subtle energy) to support your ability to heal, by clearing, and balancing your energy.  Energy Healing promotes healing in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.

Energy healing may help with relaxation and pain relief.  It may also help with headaches or migraines, life transition, anxiety depression, grief, immune system support and more.  


Soul readings are an opportunity to connect with your soul.  They are one way to communicate with your soul.  Your information may help you heal, and remind you of your purpose, and remind you of why you are here.

Customers Shared...

From my heart in truth, respect, and appreciation!


Receiving Reiki from Heather has been a healing and supportive process in managing my overall health and wellbeing. The remote energy work she has performed has been extremely effective and focused at removing blockages in the areas I tend to get physically “stuck.” Heather has freed me from the blocks to alleviate symptoms of infection and physical pain while I received tandem conventional services that only partially address physical-emotional-spiritual health. Heather’s skill in accomplishing holistic care and bridging the gaps conventional medical practices may leave behind is outstanding!

Lauri Wood, PhD, LAMFT 

I am not exaggerating when I say this class changed my life and perspective.


This class focuses on the energetic bonds and agreements between your soul and your body, and Heather is a great teacher and guide for this work. She is passionate about the material in a way that keeps you engaged, and always wanting to explore more.


It was a worthwhile commitment and I will definitely take more classes with Heather as I continue my spiritual journey.

Soul reading:

My soul reading with Heather was an incredibly positive and affirming experience.


If you are looking for guidance and direction or just want to learn more about your soul and yourself, I absolutely recommend seeing Heather for a soul reading.


I felt seen, empowered, and uplifted in a way I never have with other readers.

Liz Tkacheff 

Curious About Energy Healing? Check Out Heather's Blog!
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